Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rum Pipe

Title; Rum Pipe
Material; Sugar Maple Burl
Size; 4.75" long
Date of Creation; 2005-2006
Destroyed; 2007


  1. This pipe is one of my all time favorite pieces from the old Heye. To see the accuracy in which you recreated it is mind boggling. You sure this was not created with the latest Chinese auto- lathe technology. RIP. Should you be looking for somewhere to bury the remains I have a sacred place in my curiosities cabby for it.

  2. I recently saw the original of this pipe. It's currently on loan and display at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. The original is not of burl but may be of maple...it's difficult to tell as there is a thin coating of red ochre over the entire pipe and the display case is not well lighted. I reproduced mine from some pretty small b&w photos in books...I missed the fact that the arm bands are applied silver and not carved wood. I may render another someday but I have many other pieces in mind to do and there is only so much time. What was astounding was the quilled dangle attached to the pipe, I have seldom seen such intricate work.