Saturday, July 31, 2010


Title; Hoyaneh
Material; Black Ash Burl, Deer Antler, Trade Silver Earrings.
Size; 21" tall
Date of creation; 2010

I consider this sculpture my finest original creation to date. It is not a copy of any known original but a unique culmination of inspirations adapted from early Woodland Indian art effigies. It was my intention to try to capture the essence of 17th and 18th century Native American sculptures in order that I might be able to render and bring forward something unique that possessed the same essence of an earlier period.

My friend Michael Galban, historian at Ganondagan State Historic Site in Western New York commented;
"Haudenosaunee "chiefs" are called "Hoyaneh" and on their headdress they wear the antlers of authority which is the tangible symbol of office. I was struck by that when I saw your sculpture. However the metaphor is not simply a badge of office but when deer antlers are worn it symbolizes that the people depend on that leader like they depend on the deer for sustenance."

It was from Michael's letter that I titled my sculpture "Hoyaneh". By applying the deer antlers, I was not intending to represent a mortal being, but a spiritual of sustenance.

© Steven M. Lalioff 2010


  1. This is a beautiful piece Mr. Lalioff beyond its aesthetic value. I believe you captured what most wood workers and artists in general strive for when creating, a spirit that transcends merely being a work of art but encompasses a spirit or a life of its own. I bet you've talked to it a bit eh. I wood (pun intended). I don't need to tell you to keep up the great work because I don't think you can help it. You've been blessed with the "touch"
    Your friend in creativity,
    Eli Motsay

  2. Dear E,
    I really, really truly believe anyone can create something beautiful. It 1st requires that you believe you can... and 2nd, you have the opportunity to create. This is not to say we cannot fail in our attempts but as long as we understand that our failures are our education we can all get there eventually.
    Yours words are very kind, thank you! Steven