Friday, July 30, 2010

Sliding Lid Box

Based upon an old original, this little box measures 5.75" long. It is all one piece that has interior carved channels to give the lid a rail in which to slid. The lid has a lip on the leading edge that allows it to snap shut making it nearly air tight when closed. One of the best qualities of burl is it's superior stability. It is not prone to warp or check with age and because the grain grows irregularly in nearly every direction, it has a strong almost plastic quality. In my opinion, burl is actually easier to carve than strait grained woods which can tend to split when carving if strict attention is not paid to the direction of the grain. I have seen several little hinged burl boxes that have wooden hinges that are still functional after centuries of use.
How much like a work of modern sculpture this little box is.

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